The individual service

Electrical Training

We are experts in training and assessment of those who operate and maintain electrical equipment on both offshore and onshore facilities.

We bring theory to life, using our high fidelity Electrical Generation and Distribution Simulator - a unique, interactive training environment, providing a realistic system for training purposes without the need for real switchgear.

Our delegates are instantly “at work” in the simulator, ensuring their current technical expertise is genuinely demonstrated and assessed.

The team service

Non-Technical Training

We lead the way in Human Factors – the non-technical skills that we all need to perform our jobs safely and efficiently. In high hazard industries, these skills are the route to reducing the potential for errors. We train and assess non-technical skills both offshore and onshore.

These non-technical skills (sometimes known as soft skills) include situation awareness, critical decision making, communication, teamwork, leadership and stress management.

The organisation service


Understanding your current competencies and training requirements is vital to ensure we provide the training and development you really need. We assess and provide feedback to our clients before, during and after training takes place – giving the effects of our training longevity.



We conduct electrical competency observational assessments offshore in the everyday work environment or onshore, using our high-fidelity simulator. This process ensure our training is tailored to focus on your react requirements. It’s not a “one size fits all”.



We assess the non-technical skills of candidates in a variety of settings (this can include offshore), providing the observational feedback that pinpoints where training is required. It’s the best way to ensure staff competency really develops in the relevant areas.

We're not “chalk and talk”

People Factor training courses are highly interactive and practical - whether they take place at your organisation or at People Factor HQ in Aberdeen. Our classes are small - never more than eight people - so our delegates get the chance to discuss and share their experiences with our trainers and each other.

Bespoke Training

We provide our clients with the service that suits them. As well as our portfolio of established courses, we also create tailored training solutions that suit our clients’ specific requirements. Speak to us to find out more.

Case Studies


Client: UK Atomic Energy Authority

What we did: PFC reviewed previous crises and lessons learned across a range of industries, which could be transferred to the Nuclear sector. By reviewing incidents such as the Piper Alpha explosion, Channel Tunnel fire and UK foot and mouth crisis, PFC investigated the lessons learned in relation to organisation issues and crisis management skills and challenges.

Results: PFC worked with UKAEA to create guidance on establishing effective crisis management, training, exercising and debriefing.


Client: An international airline

What we did: PFC designed Tactical Decision Games for cockpit crews, by creating a number of scenarios based on feasible, high-uncertainty dilemmas they may face.

Results: PFC delivered a workshop where scenarios were presented to cockpit personnel. These were then discussed and debriefed, thus highlighting the effects of non-technical skills on successful, safe performance – especially situation awareness and decision making.

Drilling & Production

Client: International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP)

What we did: PFC was appointed by IOGP to lead an industry-critical baseline survey project, identifying the extent and use of non-technical skills amongst safety critical roles in drilling teams. Our web-based survey was distributed globally, followed by interviews with a sub-section of respondents.

Results: A PFC-produced report on behalf of IOGP, informing the upstream industry of the conclusions and recommendations required to enhance knowledge and understanding of essential non-technical skills amongst drilling teams.

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  • “The course was excellent and I enjoyed both the non-technical and technical skills and how they were used in tandem.”